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The Resilience Journey Empathy Generation (Phase 1) – Executive Summary

A Laven, P van Heck

As part of its Cocoa for Generations (C4G) Strategy, Mars Wrigley aims to empower women in its supply chain, both socially and economically.

To this end, Mars Wrigley engaged the KIT and Pabla van Heck (independent) to develop insight-driven recommendations for potential future investments to advance women’s empowerment. The outcome of this work will inform further engagement with the Mars suppliers and other (implementing) partners, while supporting the Mars Cocoa for Generations (C4G) sustainability strategy.

The objective of the ‘Resilience Journey’ is to uncover the barriers to empowerment that women face in cocoa-growing communities and to generate actionable insights for potential future intervention design.

This executive summary shares the main conclusions of the first phase – ‘Empathy Generation’.

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