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Market-based solutions for input supply: making inputs accessible for smallholder farmers in Africa

John Belt, Wouter Kleijn, Pauline Ancella Chibvuma, Elton Mudyazvivi, Morgen Gomo, Chola Mfula, Erastus Mkojera, Michael Opio, Isaahaku Zakaria and Kofi Boafo.

Working Paper Series 2015 – 5

For agriculture to prosper, farm inputs need to be available, affordable, accessible, and good quality. Seeds, fertilizers, and agro-chemicals, are essential for improving the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in developing countries (World Bank, 2007, 2013; Rosegrant et al. ,2001; AGRA 2013; FAO, 2013). As input supply is a critical factor in inclusive agricultural and rural development, many donors support initiatives that improve smallholders’ access to inputs. Some of these programs are successful, others are not.

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