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Unleashing potential: gender and youth inclusive agri-food chains

Rhiannon Pyburn , Geneviève Audet-Bélanger , Sabdiyo Dido , Gabriela Quiroga , Ingrid Flink
Publication year

Working Paper Series 2015 – 7

“Nine billion by 2050” is a commonly cited prediction on global population growth that frames arguments about access to natural resources, as well as the future supply of sufficient and nutritious food. Solutions for meeting food needs and for mitigating environmental constraints include: sustainable agricultural practices; innovative technologies to increase productivity and improve food chain efficiency; and, improved market access for farmers. But these solutions tend to be technologically biased, focusing on agricultural and value chain technologies – without enough attention given to gender and social disparities (Beuchelt & Badshue 2013; Pyburn 2014).