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Maximise the impact of your COVID-19 relief

With an emphasis on financial inclusion, gender and agriculture, we help organisations to get the most out of their COVID-19 relief funds.

For that, we offer a diversity of services:

Needs assessment: tailor your relief and resilience building measures

Together with our network of local associates and consultants, we offer a combination of tools and local knowledge that help you to better understand the current needs and challenges faced by your clients. By exploring COVID-19’s impact on your clients – as well as the root causes – we can situate your clients’ voice in the broader perspective of the pandemic.

To do so, we examine the political, social and economic measures taken to mitigate COVID-19 at the local, national and global levels. We augment this with insight generated from prior work in financial inclusion, agricultural development, gender and impact assessment, evaluation and learning.

A needs assessment provides you with a robust dataset to inform qualitative and strategic decision-making over the lifetime of your COVID-19 relief. It also helps you to move beyond the short-term needs of your clients and identify ways to better understand and steer the long-term impact of your relief funds. Meanwhile, it enables you to provide detailed feedback to your donors and other stakeholders.

Components of our COVID-19 Needs Assessment

Segment Clients

We can help you segment your clients into groups that make statistical sense to compare in the context of your COVID-19 relief (e.g. smallholder farmers, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), women, youth or informal workers. To do so, we use AI and the expertise of our network of locally-based consultants.

Impact frameworks for relief, emergency or liquidity funds

Impact assessment

Understand the impact of your COVID-19 emergency relief measures

Capture and present lessons learned

Workshops and trainings

With a combination of the services above, we can design tailor-made trainings, webinars or workshops for you or your clients to present impact assessment results, learnings, or to dive deeper into your findings, root causes and solutions.

Strategic advice and technical assistance

With our diversity of in-house expertise, we can combine our knowledge of financial inclusion, gender and impact assessment with knowledge of the agriculture and seed sector, the coffee and cocoa sector, the global sustainability agenda, and global health.

Please contact our experts below to discuss in further detail what we can do for you.

*KIT Royal Tropical Institute does not operate an independent COVID-19 relief fund. As such, we are not in a position to offer COVID-19 relief funds, whether through individual grants or loans. KIT provides services to help other organisations make the most of their COVID-19 relief investments.