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Dinu Abdella


Dinu Abdella is a development optimist inspired by social sciences with 15 years of experience in the work of international development, health systems and services, gender and, in particular, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Dinu combines health training, operational research, and capacity strengthening in different parts of the world analysing multiple perspectives to inform improved outcomes per context. Her work compass is on SRHR, management and leadership for health professions, post-graduate public health education, online learning and instructional design as well as (online) facilitation.

Dinu thrives in igniting creative collaborations to catapult us into new ways of working, learning and forging partnerships towards a more compassionate future of global villages that leave no one behind.


  • A qualitative meta-analysis of the Theatre for a Change methodology in 12 countries worldwide

    • Institute
    • Project

    Between December 2022 and May 2023 Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) conducted a qualitative meta-analysis for Theatre for a Change (TfaC) . The overall objective was to explore what effects TfaC programmes have on individuals, groups, and communities when used as a behaviour change and advocacy tool for SRHR, and which elements of the TfaC methodology contribute to these changes. Theatre for a Change (TfaC) […]

  • ENSEMBLE : liaison et apprentissage sur SDSR dans l’ère digital au Sahel

    • Institute
    • Project

    Il y a une multiplicité d’organisations et d’interventions qui visent à améliorer la SDSR dans la région du Sahel et renforcer le système éducatif pour un Sahel plus résilient. Cependant, il y a un manque de cohésion et d’harmonisation entre elles. Le projet ENSEMBLE contribuera au renforcement des leçons apprises et de l’échange de connaissances entre les organisations et programmes poursuivant les mêmes […]

  • Yes I Do: Reduce Child Marriage, Teenage Pregnancies and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

    • Institute
    • Project

    This project aims to reduce child marriage, teenage pregnancies and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) related practices. Its work covers seven countries: Pakistan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi. The Yes I Do project is a joint collaboration with Plan Netherlands in the lead, along with CHOICE, Rutgers and Amref. It is funded by the […]

  • Improving Health Worker’s Performance in Liberia

    • Institute
    • Project

    Problems and challenges At the moment of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, Liberia’s health system was weakened and vulnerable from the civil war, which decimated the nation’s health system. This has led to great brain drain of (potential) health professionals migrating overseas or not returning after completing their health profession degree overseas. Consequently Liberia is […]