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Rinia Sahebdin

Course Administration Officer

Rinia Sahebdin works as Course Administration Officer at KIT Health. Her work at KIT, especially for the Master of Public Health, brings her in contact with people from all over the world and social skills are important. Because it is an international study, communication is primarily in English.

Rinia supports KIT course coordinators in the daily management of the Master of Public Health course (International Course in Health Development, MPH/ICHD). As Course Administration Officer she takes care of all administrative and practical processes of the ICHD course and she ensures that the organisation of the course runs smoothly.

She is first point of contact for KIT staff, facilitators (teachers) and students and gives information about the course (from application until graduation ceremony), scholarships, visa application, housing, student activities, planning of the course schedule, etc. She works closely in a team with the course coordinators. During absence of her direct colleagues (fellow administration officers), she replaces them and takes care of the daily business of the other courses that are running at that time.