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Exclusive Discounts for our study programmes

We offer a range of discounts for groups and early bird applicants. See below our exclusive discounts. Embark on a rewarding educational experience at KIT with our exclusive discounts. Choose the one that suits you:

If you would like to use the double of triple course discount, please apply for the courses of your choice at the same moment. And when accepted, please send the financial statements* back in one mail. This way you will receive one invoice. (*you will receive the financial statements together with your admission if you are accepted to the course).

For employers/groups:

For Specific Groups:

Visit our Short Course Offer for detailed information on offers per course and kickstart your educational journey today!

Discounts per programme

CourseCourse feeEarly bird feeAlumni discounttropEd fee
Qualitative Methods in Health Systems Research (QHSR) 2025

Human Resources for Health (HRH) 2025€1.980,- €1.584,-€1.584,-€1.782,-
SRHR Matters (SRHR-M) 2025€1.980,- €1.584,- €1.584,-€1.782,-
Health Promotion and Disease Control Strategies (HPDCS) 2025€1.980,- €1.584,-€1.584,-€1.782,-
Health Policy and Financing (HP&F) 2024€2.240,- €1.904,-€1.792,-€1.904,-
SRHR: Organising Equitable Responses (SRHR Resp) 2025€1.980,- €1.584,-€1.584,-€1.782,-
SRHR: Policy, Governance and Financing (SRHR POL) 2024€2.240,-€1.904,-€1.792,-€1.904,-
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Global Health 2024€2.270,-€1.800,-€1.800,-€1.760,-
Analysing Disrupted Health Systems in Countries in Crisis (ADHS) Amsterdam 2024€2.240,-€1.910,-€1.800,-€1.800,-
Global Perspectives on Digital Health (GPDH) 2024€1.600,-€1.240,-€1.280,-€1.280,-
Monitoring and Evaluation in a dynamic health environment (M&E) 2024€2.650,-€2.220,-€2.120,-€2.120,-
Suivi et évaluation de la Santé dans un contexte dynamique (S&E) 2024€2.650,-€2.220,-€2.120,-€2.120,-
Santé et Droits Sexuels et Reproductifs (SDSR) 2024€2.270,-€1.800,-€1.820,-€1.820,-

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