Intercultural Communication for Experts

Due to globalisation, migration and increased connectivity, many societies are characterised by what leading researchers call ‘superdiversity’. In such an environment, there is a multitude of differences between and within groups and communities, making it unpredictable which experiences, values, lifestyles and habits are relevant to individual people.

For professionals trying to find constructive responses to the diversity among their clients, employees, students or colleagues, this situation can be very challenging.  Knowledge and approaches aimed at specific cultures or communities no longer provide viable solutions and can even be counterproductive.

This course is aimed at professionals that are highly invested in working with the intercultural complexity in today’s society and who want to deepen their associated knowledge and competence.

This course has it all, theory (not too much), practice exercises, and great discussion throughout. Arjan's knowledge is both vast and deep. 

Peter Novak, Professor Emeritus and Founder, Strictly Speaking Group.