Whether you’re just going on a holiday or actually start living there, it’s always good to be prepared. Here are a few facts you should know when you’re moving to South Korea.

Blood type

In South Korea they think the blood type contributes to a person’s personality. They also look at blood types to see if there is a romantic match between two people. For example: type O males aren’t a match with type B females. So be sure to know your blood type, it could come in handy.

Happy birthday

Every baby that’s born is one year old according to the South Koreans, because the baby has already been in the womb for 9 months. And with new year, every South Korean ages a year. So don’t forget to say Happy Birthday at 12 o’clock.


The South Koreans believe that leaving the fan on while you’re asleep could lead to death. That’s why in South Korea they always have a timer on the fan, so that it stops blowing after a while.


In South Korea you always say ‘anyoung haseyo’ when you’re meeting someone. It means hello, and you can say it every time of the day

Valentine’s day

The day where it’s all about the boyfriend. He gets all the treats like roses and champagne, and he’s supposed to give them back the month after, March the 14th,  on ‘White Day’. The gifts also should be white. The South Korean singles come together at ‘Black Day’ on April the 14th, to eat Jjajyangmyeon (black noodles with soybean paste, pork and vegetables) together.

Culture training

Of course there are way more formalities you should know when you’re moving to South Korea, but we simply don’t have the space on our website to write all that down. That’s why you should attend our culture training, for more in-depth knowledge. Our qualified trainers will make sure you’re ready for the move, and they’ll explain everything. You can call or email us below for more information.