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Intercultural Professionals is the intercultural training and consultancy branch of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Our approach to cultural awareness focuses on how you can connect and build strong relationships in an intercultural context.

At the individual level, we believe that self-awareness is essential to creating intercultural success. Participants in our programmes become aware of their individual preferences and habits, explore what reactions these may elicit from others, and how this relates to cultural experiences. At the same time, our trainers and experts help candidates analyse these situations in specific intercultural contexts—offering ample opportunity to discover new skills and define effective individual communication strategies. The results are practical tools for individuals to work successfully with culturally-diverse teams, projects and international partners.

I followed a combined-training just before I left for my first expat position in Istanbul, Turkey. The training was intense, a full day and extremely good—and overall guidance through the day was great….I will strongly recommend joining this to anyone who is starting an expat job. To this day, I am still in contact with a person who trained me—who still checks how I am doing—and I like this dedication so much, and I am grateful for this.

Bettine Rube, General Manager

Our philosophy 

At KIT Intercultural Professionals we see learning about different world views, customs and traditions as both practically beneficial and personally enriching. People from a particular culture do not have fixed attributes which you can learn in order to deal with them. Instead, we recognise that individuals are unique, and intercultural communication is subtle and complex.

People who are comfortable and effective working across borders don’t get distracted by stereotypes; they flourish in a global-business environment because they are able to focus on shared goals and common ground. We believe that successful international professionals don’t see cultural differences as barriers—they draw on diversity as a source of fresh outlooks and experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Past models of culture have profiled people from different geographical regions and countries according to sets of cultural characteristics. In the 21st Century, this “essentialist” approach has been heavily criticised for encouraging people to think in stereotypes—yet many intercultural training organisations still rely on essentialist-cultural models.

Our approach is more realistic while offering more depth: we provide usable, practical information supported by valuable research, while drawing on our experts’ knowledge and insights into customs, individual and world-views. The final result is a service the helps you avoid the diversion of cultural stereotyping.

Colonial Past, Global Future (Why KIT?)

KIT was founded in 1910 to gather knowledge of other cultures and to promote Dutch trade and industry around the world. Since 1968 KIT Intercultural Professionals has been providing pre-departure training for tropical destinations. In 1986 the Debriefing Center was opened, and since 1997 we have been building our trainer and expert network to offer global expertise. Based on our long-standing experience and extensive expert network, we have developed effective programmes focused on international leadership, intercultural communication, cross-cultural understanding and diversity.

  • Over 100 years of intercultural experience
  • Highly qualified, dedicated cultural-trainers
  • An international network of over 350 (country) experts
  • Training, consulting and coaching tailored to individual circumstances
  • Reliable assessment tool
  • Historic-building training location in Amsterdam
  • ISO 9001 Certification

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