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Intercultural Professionals is the intercultural training, coaching and consultancy branch of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Since 1968, we have helped businesses, governments and professionals to perform better in intercultural contexts and achieve a more effective global workforce. We believe in the value of effective intercultural communication for the performance of individuals, teams, and whole organisations, while helping to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable world.

I followed a combined-training just before I left for my first expat position in Istanbul, Turkey. The training was intense, a full day and extremely good—and overall guidance through the day was great….I will strongly recommend joining this to anyone who is starting an expat job. To this day, I am still in contact with a person who trained me—who still checks how I am doing—and I like this dedication so much, and I am grateful for this.

Bettine Rube, General Manager

Our approach

We believe in the value of effective intercultural communication for the performance of individuals, teams, and whole organisations. Our global network of intercultural of trainers, coaches and consultants work closely with boards, managers, HR teams and professionals to identify intercultural challenges and develop effective strategies to address them. They are skilled in coaching teams and individuals, performing assessments and engaging professionals in action learning.

Our approach, which sets out from creating ‘cultural awareness’, equips our clients with powerful tools to manage cultural differences and to operate successfully in an increasingly intercultural society. Using a variety of practical tools and methods, we improve cultural awareness and develop intercultural competencies.


Our consultants are keen to identify your initial needs without any obligations, propose interventions to achieve your goals and an estimate of the needed investment. Once you commit the assignment to us we will compose a project team consisting of your professionals and our consultants to co-create a road map.


In our intercultural training programmes participants improve their cultural and self-awareness and develop intercultural competencies. Participants experience multiple perspectives and learn to refrain from cultural stereotyping, which gives them a realistic and in-depth view of culture. We cater to different learning styles through blended training methods, such as self-paced online learning, assessments, personal coaching, and interactive training sessions.


Participants sometimes prefer individual coaching on cases from their daily practice. The topics vary from improving their intercultural competencies to helping them realize organizational goals in a global perspective. We match participants with coaches based on their needs and individual context.

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