Cultural Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

In any merger or acquisition, culture is important, but in the international arena, the process can be even more intense. When two organisations’ cultures meet—along with two national cultures—they come with their own set of norms, behaviours and assumptions. 

Our experience shows that even when corporate cultures are compatible, national cultural differences often prove to be a bottleneck. To gain an appreciation for the advantages of successful aspects of other cultures requires nurturing, mutual respect and engaging management.

Cultural integration—a core value driver in Mergers & Acquisitions 

We offer programmes that accommodate joint experiments, reflection and a variety of conversational modes. Our objective is creating a shared and successful business culture. We support teams to negotiate, open dialogue, and debate ideas for effective communication, and establish understanding and trust. Successful future leaders know that work culture largely determines the level of innovation and success after a merger, and Intercultural Professionals is a solid partner to let your teams discover the best of both worlds.

Pre-Merger & Acquisitions 

It is important to be able to read the signs in the early stages of negotiation. Our training will enable you to pick up on signals and react appropriately in these discussions. Dealing successfully with cultural aspects will help you to interpret the legal and financial implications of pre-merger or acquisition discussions, and help you create a solid foundation for any deal.

Courting/Building Trust

We can advise you on initiatives that will build a relationship of trust. Our consultants can analyse the stakeholders’ possible expectations and agendas – and advise you how to pursue your interest without harming the relationship.

Post-Merger Reconciliation

To foster the creation of a new joint-business culture, we provide consultancy and training to build intercultural skills and cultural understanding. See our services below for more information or contact us directly.

Intercultural Team-Building

This group programme helps teams with multicultural backgrounds create cohesion and effective collaboration within their team. By improving insight into individual preferences, patterns and habits this programme creates stronger intercultural awareness in participants. They will learn to anticipate what their actions evoke in others and to make effective choices in their communication. 

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Intercultural Leadership

This leadership training-programme provides an overview of the different patterns and perspectives of leadership within multicultural settings. Participants learn to recognise the expectations of their staff and how to adjust leadership accordingly. Our experienced experts will tailor this programme to the development needs of the participants.

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Cultural Aspects of Negotiations

This programme enables you to recognise foreign signals in international negotiations. After completing the programme you will be able to effectively deal with cultural differences and use the training to pursue your objectives. The programme is presented by an expert with experience in negotiating in your target country and/or region, and will be tailored to the development needs of the participants.

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International Presentation Skills

This coaching for professionals on public speaking in an international setting in English will improve the positive impact participants have on their audiences. The approach is to work with participants’ strengths, personality and style rather than imposing a generic method of presentation.  

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