Expats & International Local Hires

Successful international projects and postings have many features. By offering employees and their families a way to understand their expectations and perceptions we help prevent misunderstanding and possible cultural clashes when relocating.

Our programmes are tailored to the individual needs of participants and adjusted to their level of intercultural experience. We work with single employees, those with partners and families as well, to find a training that helps them feel at home in a new country.

Accommodating a seamless relocation

An expat’s success after relocating depends on more than his or her professional skills and level of intercultural effectiveness. The extent to which their partner and other family members feel at ease in their new environment has a strong impact on their overall performance. From experience, we know that the majority of failed international assignments are due to tension in personal circumstances outside of work. At KIT Intercultural Professionals we have over 30 years’ experience in equipping partners and children to successfully deal with relocation—helping families with intercultural communication and its impact.