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Intercultural-Communication Assessment

To help you assess your level of intercultural competence, we offer two self-assessments:
“The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)” and “The Multicultural Personality Questionnaire (MPQ)”

The IRC profile is a reflection of your preferences and patterns. In deliberation with one of our coaches, you can explore your strengths and what you could develop to achieve intercultural effectiveness. The MPQ profile assesses the extent to which you have developed individual competences that contribute to success in an intercultural environment. 

In a feedback session with one of our trainers you can reflect on your strengths and potential pitfalls, and how to integrate them into effective intercultural communication.

We often incorporate the use of these online questionnaires in our (tailor-made) programmes. The MPQ is available in Dutch and English; the IRC in multiple languages. Please contact us for advice on the best fit with your development needs.