About us

About us

We contribute significantly to the development of individuals, businesses and organizations; to be successful in the international arena.

At KIT Intercultural Professionals we see learning about different world views, customs and traditions as both practically beneficial and personally enriching. At the same time, we have moved away from the old idea that people from a particular culture have fixed attributes which you need to learn about to deal with them. In the real world, that’s not the way people are, or how intercultural communication works.

People who are comfortable and effective when working across boarders don’t get distracted by stereotypes. They flourish in a global business environment because they are able to focus on shared goals and common ground. They don’t see cultural differences as barriers. Instead they draw on diversity as a source of fresh outlooks and experience.

Our philosophy: valuing diversity, nurturing the individual.

What sets us apart
Past models to describe culture have profiled people from different geographical regions or countries according to sets of cultural characteristics. This essentialist approach has increasingly come in for criticism. It encourages people to focus on behaviour that seems to fit a cultural profile, and overlook behaviour that tells a less conveniently simple story – in other words, to think in stereotypes. Many intercultural training organisations still rely only on these models.

“We go way beyond stereotyping and dos and don’ts”

However, we are in the vanguard of new thinking on intercultural communication. Our approach is more realistic and pragmatic, and also offers more depth. We provide usable practical information on life in different countries supported by valuable insights into world views and customs. But avoiding the diversion of cultural stereotyping.