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Join our network

Join our team of Intercultural Professionals

Our team at KIT Intercultural Professionals comprises a core of intercultural competence experts, supported by freelance trainers and consultants, and a vast network of specialists.

To meet the needs of our global clients, we are constantly on the lookout for new Intercultural Professionals. Are you interested in acting as a specialist? Or in strengthening our team as a freelancer? See if you recognise yourself in this description:

  • You have worked professionally for an extended period in a country other than your own. You understand the dynamics of international business or working in a culturally diverse environment.
  • You have wide experience of working with colleagues or counterparts from another country, for example as a manager, project leader, academic or journalist.
  • You have business or journalistic experience in your own country, and the international understanding to share it valuably with our global clients.

In addition:

  1. You are up to date on the current situation and most recent developments in your specialist country. You maintain regular contact with this country if it is not your own.
  2. You are culturally sensitive. You are aware of your own cultural background. You understand how cultural differences and similarities may influence interaction and cooperation, and the ability to complete an international assignment successfully.
  3. You have training skills and experience in the field of adult education. You are familiar with a variety of interactive training methods. If you do not have direct training experience, you are willing and able to develop your skills.
  4. You are able to draw your knowledge and experience appropriately to suit a client’s future assignment, and gear your approach to the individual.
  5. You are familiar with digital presentation techniques. You have the skills needed for e-learning/blended learning, or you willing and able to acquire them.
  6. If you fit the description of an Intercultural Professional and you would like to join our network, please contact us using the form below.