Our Company

Our Company

Intercultural Professionals BV is part of KIT Royal Tropical Institute holding company and is entirely self-supporting. Our Supervisory Board is the KIT Board of Directors.

We have offices in Shanghai and Boston, and headquarters at the KIT in Amsterdam.

Intercultural Professionals has a staff of intercultural trainers and advisers plus a global network of more than 350 country experts, including journalists, managers, and academics.

Cedeo recognized
KIT Intercultural Professionals BV is recognized by Cedeo,  the independent certifying body for organisations engaged in human resources improvement. Cedeo is an initiative of HR managers working for some of the largest companies and organisations in the Netherlands, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Cedeo’s certificate signposts ‘high-quality training courses amidst the vast number on offer’. Its certification takes into consideration criteria that include quality, continuity, and focus on business.

Cedeo carries out client surveys at Dutch-based training institutes. Recognition is granted only where an institute attains 80 percent client satisfaction. According to Cedeo, “Intercultural Professionals should be proud of all the praise it has received.”

ISO certified
Intercultural Professionals BV is also ISO-certified. This external certification ensures that we maintain an effective and up-to-date quality management system. As a result, we know we can meet the demands of our clients in terms of speed, reliability and efficiency