People from different parts of the world have been mingling throughout history. Nowadays, there is more interaction among people from different cultural backgrounds than ever before. This can be both enriching and confusing.  It can produce misunderstandings, frustration and even conflict. But at KIT Intercultural Professionals, we passionately believe in the value of diversity. We are devoted to helping people from different cultural backgrounds to approach each other with interest, understanding and respect, to their mutual benefit.

Our mission is to help our clients navigate a culturally rich route of exploration and discovery. We challenge people to think beyond conventional notions of culture and national boundaries. This means learning about other world views and traditions, but also recognising where you already share common ground with people, irrespective of geographical location.

We see everyone’s learning path as unique. We supply practical information and theoretical foundation, and balance this by stimulating personal reflection, questioning preconceptions and capitalizing on experience.

That is why our programs are built out of different components, to make sure that different aspects of growing as an international are covered:

Aspect is Awareness: To become aware of how our actions are based on our own perception and assumptions, we focus on the concept of experience of strangeness. Intercultural awareness is a complex concept, there are no one-dimensional answers when it comes to culture. How aware are we?

Aspect of cultural background: When it comes to culture, topics like the educational system, historical background, political structure, balances in power, family structure and (business) values play an important role. Having knowledge about the different elements which might be important at patterns of behavior helps us to make a decision of how to behave in certain settings.

Intercultural Competences: Being aware of your own natural behavior helps you to develop your repertoire of behavior.