TopicCross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

Authoritative guidance on dovetailing cultures when companies merge. Our intercultural expertise is paired with an understanding of organisational change supplied by our change management partner.

Successful cultural integration is often the make or break of a merger, yet practicalities like HR, ICT and websites tend to soak up attention. We offer expert advice on channelling the intangible yet crucial cultural aspect of cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

  • Expertise in both cultural integration and change processes
  • Leading-edge, nuanced insights
  • Opening eyes, sharpening skills
  • Realistic, authoritative information
  • Time saved through focused communication with M&A counterparts
  • Pre-Acquisition

We raise your awareness of the possible implications of cultural differences and similarities in your specific situation, and offer insights into the cultural background of your counterparts. This is, in fact, an aspect of the due diligence and acquisition profiling process.

  • Courting/Building Trust

We provide tools you can use to build a relationship of trust, taking into consideration the stakeholders’ possible expectations and agendas – including your own.

  • Post-Merger Reconciliation
    To foster the creation of a new joint culture, we provide consultancy and training. To provide insightful recommendations on reconciliation, we monitor the change process using surveys. Our training builds intercultural skills and cultural understanding.

Board room and management members, specialists in M&A consultancy, private equity and corporate finance professionals.

The failure rate of international M&A is high. Amidst hectic schedules and deadlines, cultural integration often sinks to the bottom of priority lists. Meanwhile, two groups are working side by side from a different set of routines and shared assumptions. Stereotypes form. Each group concludes the other is hard to work with. Cooperation grinds to a halt.

To increase the chances of success, it is vital to consider intercultural aspects at every stage of the process. We can guide you in the exploration, reflection and dialogue needed to avoid a negative spiral of resistance and conflict, and produce a positive process of culture creation.

  • Culture creation: Together with your counterpart, you are better able to create a shared culture for effective cooperation.
  • Value creation: The resulting positive, innovative mindset acts as a value-driver for your company.