HR Global Mobility
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HR Talent Development and/or Diversity & Inclusion

Has your workforce become international?

Your personnel once had a predominantly local background. But times have changed, and your business has expanded. Today you have a diverse and international workforce. You realise your organisation still has no adequate policy to deal with global mobility.

KIT Intercultural Professionals can help you develop the global mobility policy you so urgently need. Our cooperation with BOXX Expat Solutions makes sure that our advice includes also global mobility consultancy and services.

Does the diversity of your clients present you with a communication challenge?

You deliver services to a diverse client base – consumers, students or patients. Their cultural diversity calls for skillful intercultural communication and well-crafted policies.
We can advise you on how to:

  • Add energy, consistency and depth to your diversity policies and vision;
  • Handle the challenges and dilemmas that diversity can create.