At KIT Intercultural Professionals we work with a network of over 350+ professionals and experts. From business-leaders, journalists, academics and economic-professionals, we work with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds to help our clients work effectively in an intercultural environment. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients, including selecting the most suitable experts for each project.

If you are interested in training, providing consultancy, or coaching in your field or about your country of expertise, we would love to hear from you. Besides the opportunity to collaborate on interesting projects in your area(s) of expertise, our network has an online community to exchange ideas. We also organise quarterly events where you can meet fellow experts, we update you on developments within Intercultural Professionals and offer workshops and knowledge sessions.

We look for professionals with the following types of experience:

  • Experience working and living abroad or working in a different cultural environment;
  • Experience working with colleagues from other countries, especially in leadership, project management, academic-work, or journalism;
  • Experience in business or journalism in the country you are from.

Besides your experience, you:

  • Stay up to date about the developments in the country of your ‘specialisation’;
  • Are culture-sensitive; you are aware of your own cultural background and understand how cultural differences can influence interaction;
  • Have experience with training or you would like to learn how to develop it;
  • Are familiar with digital presentation techniques.

Recognise yourself?