Intercultural Aspects of Relocations

Do you want:

  • Save costs on recruitment and international assignments?

  • Have high-functioning international employees?

  • Ensure successful international assignments?

  • Have international hires who are successful at work and home?

  • Retain international employees for the long-term?

Do you want your relocating employees to:

  • Successfully collaborate with local employees and business partners?

  • Understand and adapt to their new work culture?

  • Develop the competencies needed to successfully integrate in their new culture?

  • Have the tools needed to adapt to the country they are living in?

  • Have a healthy social life in the country they live in?

  • Remain productive at work?

  • Understand the political and economic landscape they are navigating?

Smooth transition

Our programmes help relocating internationals to smoothly transition into a new culture. Participants learn to put new experiences and situations in perspective by considering individual behavioural norms, environmental factors of behaviour, and cultural understanding.