There are 112.000 international students currently studying in Holland. That’s more than ever before. But the Dutch aren’t that easy to become friends with, so they say.


Dutch news site wrote an article about this topic, and questions openly if the Dutch students and the internationals are getting along. ‘It’s hard to become friends with them, because the Dutch like to party and drink beer at a bar, and Chinese students like to party at home and hardly drink any alcohol,’ says Chinese student Yitong Zhou. In an article on our webpage Australian expat Samantha Destree says that the Dutch are hard to become friends with, but when you do they’re the most loyal friends you’ll ever have.


A male Italian master student Andrea Pallini says to NOS that he also finds it hard to become friends with the Dutch. ‘There are four groups in college: Indian, Chinese, Dutch and international students. I’m the only Italian, so I can’t make a group with only myself. They always speak Dutch, even if they’re people from different nationalities.’ English student Joey Richardson doesn’t think about it that way: ‘Of course, when they are together they speak Dutch, but then I just ask if they can speak English.’ What is an ‘egg hunt’? Read everything about celebrating Easter in Holland.


Nuffic-researcher Daan Hubert claims that the integration is better than before. But he recognizes the different groups. ‘Dutch students already have their network, international students don’t. But there are places where they really get along, like at University Colleges, art studies and technical studies.’


We think integration with Dutch students will be better if you start by understanding the Dutch. Most things in Holland are different from where you’re from, but with our ‘Understanding the Dutch’ course you’ll understand why the Dutch do it this way, why they’re so direct and other things you wouldn’t dare to ask your fellow Dutch students. You can sign up for our Understanding the Dutch course over here.