The city that’s famous for its street food has to stop selling it. The Junta, which ended democracy in Thailand in 2014, wants to relegate street food because they think it’s not hygienic. Only at backpackers paradise Koh San Road and in China Town street food can still be sold.

Meat on a stick

Critics say the Junta is taking the heart out of the Thai capital with this new rule. Bangkok is famous for its street food: CNN voted Bangkok best street food destination twice. And after all, street food is a cheap way for locals to eat pad thai noodles, green curry, or pink meat on a stick.


Luckily the Thai people are not scared of this ban. Actually they don’t even bother, because they think it never really gets that far. In 2015 there was a ban on alcohol in Bangkok, but no one nobody adheres to it. So at the end of the year we will know if the street food ban withstands, or that it’s like the alcohol ban: that nobody gives a …