The move to a new country can feel like a whirlwind of hectic preparation, farewell parties and assignment briefings. You’ve hastily picked up fragmented information online or by word of mouth. But this isn’t just a vacation. You’d like the most solid preparation possible: a firm foundation, a coherent whole.

We’ll take you beyond cultural stereotypes and tourist-guide tips. Our country specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions. And our intercultural expert will guide you to ask the questions you didn’t realise you needed to ask.

Information and guidance on living in your destination country. Personal consultancy with an intercultural expert and two or more specialists in your destination country. Multiple perspectives blend to tell the wider story. A fast track to feeling settled.

  • One or two days, two or more consultants
  • Personal, specific, interactive
  • Leading-edge, nuanced insights
  • Realistic, authoritative information
  • Intensive, time-efficient
  • Any country in the world

Your intercultural expert will guide you through the entire programme, relating your personal circumstances to the situation in your destination, and exploring how you can get the best out of an extended stay in another country. He or she will facilitate sessions with two or more country specialists, who have lived and/or worked in your new home. A combination of different perspectives will give you insights into the wider cultural, social, political and economic context.

Orientation interview 
With the intercultural expert, by phone or Skype (up to 30 minutes)
Before planning the programme, the intercultural expert will ask about your specific situation and pinpoint your needs. And you will be mentally prepared to get the most out of the day.

The programme is built around your needs and preferences and comprises three parts.

Part 1: Personal Cultural Awareness  (for all training programmes)

  • With the intercultural expert and guide, who draws on the experience of hundreds of clients in comparable situations to your own, amassed at KIT IP over decades;
  • is experienced in supporting you and your partner in your transition process;
  • helps you see the new context in perspective;
  • knows how to ask the right questions, how to listen, and how to advise.

Part 2: Perspectives
A personal choice of sessions based on your preferences.
With the country specialist, who

  • has lived and/or worked in your specific destination country;
  • has relevant, in-depth knowledge of the country, and its cultural and social backgrounds.

Part 3: Personal Impact of Living Abroad (for all training programmes)
Choice of sessions:

  • Daily life – the insider’s view
    Your country specialist will share their perspectives on the cultural realities in your new destination. The session focusses on how people live, their social backgrounds, how they interconnect and the similarities and differences between them.
  • Settling in
    Practical tips to help you find your way and feel at home in your new environment. Which area is nice to live in? Where are there good places to shop? What about expat networks? Sport and fitness?
  • Political and economic themes
    Understanding the political and economic context you’re living in can help you feel part of the new society you are living in. It helps you to follow the news and understand people’s concerns. Which political parties are in power? And what are their policies? Where do the political tensions lie? What are the local media systems? How much press freedom is there? How is the economy? What about job opportunities and the labour market? What is the position of the trade unions?
  • Living history
    Key moments and ideas in a country’s history that impact on the present. How do views of history affect the way people perceive themselves today? What stories do different groups tell about their past?
  • Language insights
    Language and culture are intrinsically linked. Whether you are planning on learning a new language or not, this session offers an intriguing view of the language you will hear around you, and key features of intercultural communication.
  • Moving abroad with kids
    Support for parents moving abroad with their children. Personal coaching on how to help your kids say goodbye and settle in.
  • Cultural highlights and local exploration
    Each destination has a wealth of cultural highlights and places to see. How can you gain a deeper understanding of your new home? Our country specialist will provide tips on cultural highlights balanced with everyday realities so you can explore the geographical and social diversity of your new country.

Deluxe session available for an additional fee: 

  • From your own correspondent
    Deeper insights from a top journalist based in your destination country. Your intercultural expert will facilitate an interactive Skype session.

Future expats and their partners who are moving to a new country for work. We provide information and guidance geared to your personal needs. This means that if you’re seasoned expats or you’re familiar with your destination country, we’ll capitalise on your experience and offer in-depth information and insights. And if it’s your first time living in another country or visiting your destination, we’ll provide the firm basis you need to start feeling at home fast.

The programme is available one to one, but if you’re moving with a partner, we recommend that you attend together.

  • One-day programme if you are short on time but need a basis of information and insights before you leave.
  • Two-day programme for more extensive insights, more detailed information, greater familiarity with your new context, and time to reflect and draw connections.
  • A one-day programme can be combined with Business Culture Insights and/or Intercultural Insights for Partners.
  • If you have children, while you follow this programme, they can follow our Kids Moving Abroad programme.

Pre-departure intake / Training / Post-arrival Support.

Telephone intake with your trainer, log-in to your training / face-to-face session / Skype.

In our work, we refer to the TOPOI model.

Information and guidance on living in your destination country.
A fast track to feeling settled.
Answers to your questions.

  • Clarity and reassurance:  a realistic sense of what lies ahead of you, as an individual or a family
  • Personal cultural awareness: tools to boost your cultural sensitivity and intercultural skills
  • Practical knowledge: information you can use to get the best out of your new home
  • Deeper understanding: insights to help you start feeling like a country specialist yourself

On a yearly basis, we deliver this session to over 400 participants from many different multinational organisations, including AkzoNobel, Phillips and Vopak. They evaluate us at highly satisfactory levels time after time.