Duration & DateOne or two days. Flexible, depending on your availability and choice of programme.
LocationAmsterdam, Boston, Hong Kong, Shanghai. Our global network is expanding. Contact us for local presence.
Who is it forProfessionals at the start of an assignment or job in a new country.

You are facing fresh challenges working in a new country and culture, but the hectic run-up to a foreign assignment can leave you feeling unfocused. In international business today it’s vital to go beyond cultural stereotypes and tourist-guide tips.

Personal consultancy with an intercultural expert and a country specialist with wide business experience in your destination country. Focused and farsighted preparation so you can hit the ground running. The personal consultancy is totally individual. This means that if you have wide international business experience, we’ll offer advanced, in-depth analysis. And if it’s your first time working in another country, we’ll provide the assurance of a solid foundation.

  • One day, two consultants
  • Individual, specific, interactive
  • Leading-edge, nuanced insights
  • Realistic, authoritative information
  • Intensive, time efficient
  • Any country in the world
  • E-learning support
One day, two consultants

You will be working interactively with two consultants: a culture expert, who focuses on intercultural skills development, and a country specialist, who has extensive business experience and expertise in your destination country. This benchmark KIT approach remains unrivalled in intercultural training.

Orientation interview 
With the intercultural expert, by phone or Skype (up to 30 minutes)Before planning the programme, the intercultural expert will probe your specific situation and pinpoint your needs. And you will be mentally prepared to get the most out of the day.

Part 1: mapping your challenges, honing your intercultural skills (morning)
With the intercultural expert, who

  • draws on the experience of hundreds of clients in comparable situations to your own, amassed at KIT over decades;
  • is well  grounded in the evolution of ideas on intercultural communication, but applies the very latest theoretical thinking;
  • knows how to ask the right questions, how to listen, and how to advise.

Based on your personal skills, style and background, the intercultural competence expert will help you map the business challenges ahead of you, and prepare the strategies you need to take them in your stride.

Questions to answer include:

  • What is the location and context? How will you fit into it?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • What is the organisational framework?
  • Where might there be conflicting concerns?
  • What is the dynamic between the offices in the different countries?

Part 2: insights into business culture (afternoon)
With the country specialist, who

  • has lived and worked in your specific destination country;
  • has relevant, in-depth business knowledge.

Potential topics to cover in relation to your assignment include:

  • Country-specific business culture and management styles
  • Public-private sector relations
  • Politics and government
  • Economic situation and market dynamics
  • Social and political infrastructure
  • Security

The intercultural competence expert also moderates this session to link the personal analysis from Part 1 with the practical insights of Part 2.

Finally, the consultant will explore with you how to reframe your expectations in the light of the whole day’s content. You’ll draw conclusions, and leave with a plan for how to act on them.

Part 3: online support

Wherever you are, we’re there to help you. Learning doesn’t stop when we shake hands and say goodbye. We can provide tailor-made online support at any time.

Focused and far-sighted individual preparation so you can hit the ground running. Answers to your questions about the impact of culture on your assignment.

Pre-departure intake / Training / Post-arrival support.

Telephone intake with your partner, log-in to your training / face-to-face session / Skype.

In our work, we refer to the TOPOI model.

  • Focus: concentrate on the assignment, without being distracted by peripheral cultural details and stereotyping;
  • Clarity: recognise where the genuine concerns of your assignment lie in the new context and feel relieved of unnecessary worries;
  • Efficiency: come to terms with your new surroundings fast and get straight down to the objectives of your assignment without wasting time;
  • Professionalism: behave like a secure, competent professional from the moment you arrive, despite unfamiliar circumstances.

On a yearly basis, we deliver this session to over 400 participants from many different multinational organisations, including AkzoNobel, Philips and Vopak. They evaluate us at highly satisfactory levels time after time.