Intercultural Teamwork in a Virtual Environment

Webinar Series: Intercultural Communication

Webinar Series: Intercultural Communication

The digital world has changed our communication and expectations in response time; not only on a local level, but also across time zones. We face an increasingly extensive international cooperation and coordination. The outbreak of Covid-19 has accelerated the need to develop clear standards in remote and virtual teamwork.

What are your current patterns in working with colleagues and external contacts? What are the challenges of teamwork in a virtual environment? How do different cultures deal with or react to this form of communication? Which opportunities does online cooperation offer for intercultural effectiveness?

Over the course of 45 minutes, this Webinar will introduce the most important issues to be aware of in virtual intercultural teamwork. It helps you understand the impact of diversity in a digital environment. After the Webinar you will not only have a deeper understanding of intercultural relations, but you will also have mastered ways to interpret the digital interactions of your co-workers correctly, and be equipped with practical tips that will allow for more effective virtual interactions with your colleagues.

Date: April 2nd 2020

Watch and listen to the webinar below: