International partners meet to develop the Post-Ebola Resilience project in Sierra Leone and Guinea


From 13 – 15 July 2015, KIT organised a workshop to formulate the ‘Post-Ebola Resilience project – Preparedness against Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases in Sierra Leone and Guinea’. KIT advisors Ankie van den Broek, Natalie Vinkeles Melchers, Linda Oskam, and Peter Eerens discussed in-depth with the partners involved how to design the project.

The ‘Post-Ebola Resilience project’ was officially announced during the recent trade mission of Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation and Trade Lilianne Ploumen. The two-year project will  improve health and well-being of communities in Sierra Leone and Guinea through resilience and preparedness of Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases that originate at the interface between humans, animals and their various environments.

The project is funded through the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) in Accra (Ghana) and consists of a trilateral consortium of in total seven partners from five countries, i.e. Njala University (Sierra Leone), Nogochi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (Ghana), HDP (Rwanda), Sinfonia University (Guinea), Wageningen University (Netherlands), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and KIT (Netherlands).

The KIT coordinates this two-year project (2015-2017) that has three major components:

  1. To enlarge the effectiveness of prevention, preparedness, and resilience to Ebola and other infectious diseases with epidemic potential, through active community engagement and increased communication for cross-border regions in Sierra Leone and Guinea.
  2. To strengthen the laboratory services including their quality assurance systems for improved preparedness and resilience of Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases.
  3. To develop an approach for Result Based Financing (RBF), contextualised to the health system of Guinea, more specifically to the preparedness of the Guinean health system to outbreaks of epidemics of infectious cause: “RBF+”.

The project supports Sierra Leone and Guinea in increasing their resilience and preparedness for future Ebola and other infectious disease outbreaks. This innovative South-South cooperation brings a contribution to international efforts in the fight against Ebola. The finalised programme of the project will be launched in September.