Joint Research on Adolescent and Youth Experiences in School-Based Sexuality Education

KIT kicks off new UNESCO study exploring youth perspectives on school-based sexuality education


This week, we concluded a workshop to kick-off a new study commissioned by UNESCO. As part of this project, we will use youth-participatory research approaches to explore young people’s perspectives on school-based education for health and well-being, including sexuality education.

Sexuality education has significant positive health and social outcomes for adolescents and young people. Yet, research that focuses on their experiences with such education remains limited. KIT will be conducting this study with young researchers who will co-lead the case studies to gather the views and needs of the youth from six countries to address this gap. We will be also be developing a global online survey with our research partners RNW Media and IFMSA.

“Because I am a youth, I have the potential and energy to bring the change the world deserves for a better tomorrow,” explains Akat Pride Arrah a young researcher from Cameroon co-leading a case study.

For the hybrid kick-off of the project this week, we were joined by five young researchers and our partner, RNM Media. “By hosting such a workshop, we hope to have a joint starting point for the project. We aim to jointly shape our methodological approaches as well as our social agreements for a successful and effective youth-adult partnership in this project,” says Marielle Le Mat, an advisor at KIT working on this study.

“At this workshop, we laid a great foundation for our youth-adult partnership throughout the project, which will mean that young and more experienced researchers will be meaningfully involved at every step of the way, acknowledging that we all bring our own unique expertise and skillset,” remarks Hannah Kabelka, KIT’s SRHR advisor.