KIT Advances Food Storage Capabilities in South Sudan


A new generation of food storage technicians celebrated their graduation recently from a KIT Royal Tropical Institute training course dedicated to food storage techniques in Juba, South Sudan. South Sudan continues to suffer from chronic food shortages with the United Nations warning that two-thirds of the South Sudanese population is at risk of near-term food insecurity. Amidst this crisis, there is a growing and so far unmet demand for qualified food storage technicians.

In response, KIT worked together with the South Sudan Multi Training Centre (MTC), the Academy for Professional Development (AforPD) and Vink Energy Ltd., to design and implement a tailor-made training course focusing on effective food storage management techniques. The training program is part of a broader effort by KIT to build the capacity of local and international actors to strengthen food security through innovation in agriculture and food systems management.

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch educational non-profit Nuffic, the curriculum was tested in practice with the employees of Vink Energy Ltd. beginning in June 2017. Now complete, the MTC and AforPD is working to build on this momentum by expanding the availability of this curriculum to interested Technical Vocational Education & Training Institutes in South Sudan.

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