KIT anno 2014


KIT from air

Today KIT is entering into a new phase, with a clear focus on research, consultancy and training. From April 1st 2014, the Tropenmuseum will still be still located in the KIT building – but as part of a new organization, an outcome of the merger with the ethnographic museums in Leiden and Berg en Dal.

The new KIT

Over the last 12 months we have made significant changes to our organization and in the focus of our work. We have strengthened our product and customer strategies. Our organization is becoming more flexible, and therefore able to address the needs of our clients and international development in general. We are also looking at new forms of partnerships; with new clients. The new KIT employs 160 staff. From 2015 onwards the Dutch Government, previously one of our largest donors, provides KIT only financing on the basis of tenders instead of structural subsidies.

Clear customer focus

Derk Vermeer: ‘I am proud of my staff who made this transition possible, and smooth especially with reference to working without the structural subsidies. Our clients appreciate and need our in-depth knowledge in the fields of health, sustainable development and biomedical research, – with a focus on low and middle income countries to help them become more effective in reaching their objectives. KIT will continue working with government agencies, multilateral organizations, NGOs, and the private sector, worldwide.’

Examples of what we do

We assist companies, (research) organizations, governments, and NGOs to implement their ambitions in a sustainable and inclusive way. We invest in health professionals with our educational programs and courses, and provide and promote access to health services and adequate diagnosis and treatment for neglected diseases. Working with and in different cultures is part of our services. KIT Intercultural Professionals B.V. – which renders advice and training related to working with and in other cultures – remains an integral part of the new KIT.

Amsterdam based

KIT will continue to use its own premises, including the monumental building in Amsterdam. Part of the building will be rented to Tropenmuseum and part to other tenants, while it will also be used frequently for conferences and events.

The ‘New KIT’ in more detail

KIT Sustainable Economic Development & Gender contributes to sustainable development and poverty alleviation through applied research, tailor-made advice, capacity building and training. This business unit is playing an important role for those inclined towards making their economic and development-oriented activities more inclusive, rights-based, efficient and sustainable, with an emphasis on improving the participation and income levels of the poorest and most marginalized social groups. Read more

KIT Health improves access to healthcare and healthcare management in developing countries and on provides consultancy services and made-to-measure tools to governments around the world. This unit also provides a number of highly respected training programs in Amsterdam (e.g. Master of International Health) and training in the field. Together with the VU University in Amsterdam, KIT Health is also responsible for the specialised training program for medical doctors working in the Tropics. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated KIT as a WHO Collaborating Centre for the training, retention and motivation of workers in the healthcare sector. Read more

KIT Biomedical Research is a renowned and respected international expertise center for detection, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. It is located at the AMC in Amsterdam. Examples of the valuable contribution it makes include the development of inexpensive bedside testing for infectious diseases and the support it offers to labs in the developing world. KIT Biomedical Research has been working together with companies at the innovative end of the corporate sector for many years. It is currently exploring the possibility of starting up a ‘social’ business enterprise, aimed at developing diagnostic products for the market and for use in the field. In addition, KIT BR also operates as a collaboration and reference center for the WHO/FAO and OIE. Read more

KIT Intercultural Professionals is a consultancy and training group providing training and advice in areas related to doing business with and/or living in foreign cultures. KIT Intercultural Professionals BV offers tailor-made advice and training to clients varying from individuals to teams of directors. Read more

Historical Premises

In addition to it’s core activities, KIT is also the owner of the historical premises in which it is housed, including a restaurant, conference and congress facilities, training center/office building and a hotel. One of the options we are exploring is the development of the location as a hub for organizations working on sustainable economic development. A place where companies and organizations, including the KIT research and consultancy units can work together on areas of mutual interest.