KIT in Vancouver at Global Symposium on Health Systems Research


Promising strategies for building resilience of health systems in fragile settings in Vancouver

KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) and Cordaid present an interactive session at the fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Vancouver, 16-18 November 2016.

The session, taking place on 17 November 2016 2pm – 3.30pm, room 11, will give participants insight in how fragility influences health systems and what can be done to strengthen systems to better absorb future shocks. Evidence will be shared on how results-based financing and community-based participation strategies can contribute to resilient health systems. Participants will interact via a fragility game.

With this inspiring learning tool, participants will experience complex fragility situations. The game will put participants in various roles, who will be given realistic scenarios to decide and act upon. The game hopes to show how different types of fragility affect health systems, and how strategic choices could influence the health status of the population, client satisfaction and (financial) risk protection.

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