KIT Scholarship Fund

Support one student for better health for thousands!

Health care worldwide has improved considerably over the past decades. Nevertheless, more than 30% of the world’s population has no access to healthcare. Every year people die from diseases that can be prevented or treated like diarrhoea, malaria, infections. Or due to lack of help to mother and child during pregnancy resulting in fatal complications. A major cause of this is the shortage of trained managers and qualified personnel. This is why KIT Scholarship Fund was created. This fund supports health professionals from low- income countries to follow a Master’s degree in Global Health at KIT.

Leaders in global healthcare

KIT Royal Tropical Institute has trained doctors, nurses and other health professionals from all over the world to become leaders and experts in international healthcare for more than fifty years. In collaboration with VU University Amsterdam, KIT organises two international Master programs, accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). We have trained over 5,000 students through short courses and master programmes. But that is not enough! A doctor from Malawi or a nurse from South Sudan cannot afford to study at KIT, and the scholarship opportunities are fewer than ever.

Investing where it works

By training health professionals at KIT we reduce the shortage of health workers in low income countries and enable these professionals to make a difference in their own country. Local professionals know best which approach will work in the context of their own country, so that everyone will get access to good healthcare.

One training makes the difference for thousands

And that works: our alumni return after their studies and work on improving health care at all levels. They work in local and international organisations in the fight against epidemics such as Ebola, malaria, HIV and Aids and the improvement of maternal health and child care with a lot of attention for prevention and improvement of health systems. In addition, they also pass on their knowledge within local organisations and work at ministries as policy makers and managers. Therefore a study program of one masters student can make a difference for the health of thousands of people.

Help us train more health professionals. They make the difference, where it’s most needed!
Your support for one student means better health for thousands!

“The idea of pursuing studies at the Master level has been my long-term desire since 2007 when I joined MSF. Over the years I have worked in many different functions and countries (a.o. Malawi, Uganda, Kenya.) and was involved in several HIV/TB projects. I got involved with vulnerable and needy people in some of the most underprivileged communities. I have become aware of the need to understand in greater depth how to effectively implement and evaluate projects, appropriately guide staff with the best possible technical capability, and how to effectively work and collaborate with senior government officials, especially in the Ministry of Health and relevant NGOs.

I am confident that the knowledge and skills I gain during my studies at KIT will enable me to improve my current capabilities in managing health services and render better and more effective service to people in low income settings and in my home country of Malawi.”

Charlie Masiku, background in Health Systems Management,

from Malawi, studies the Master in International Health with

a partial scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund. He works as

medical team leader for Médecins Sans Frontières

“During my work in community health care programmes I realised that the health systems and policy management in
Myanmar needs to be strengthened if we want to achieve Universal Health Coverage. There is still so much poverty and suffering. Communicable diseases as well as non-communicable diseases are still a very big burden to the community.
Studying the Master of Public Health at KIT was my life dream and thanks to KIT Scholarship Fund and generous donors I am able to fulfill this dream. With the knowledge and skills I gain at KIT I am determined to contribute to improving the health situation of the people in Myanmar, to reduce the burden of communicable diseases and other health problems and strengthen the health systems in Myanmar, and give back to the communities in need from the experience I had!”

Sandi Tun, medical Doctor from Myanmar, studies the Master of Public Health with a scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund. She works as programme manager for different community projects on Tuberculosis and HIV in hard to reach rural areas in Myanmar.

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