The KIT Fund: Scholarships for healthcare professionals

Support Master’s students to be agents of lasting change, improving health for millions of people

More than one third of the world’s population still lacks access to basic health care. Every day people die from preventable and curable diseases or a lack of medical help, with fatal consequences.  This is primarily due to a shortage of trained healthcare professionals and inadequate health systems serving the needs of communities and regions.

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Motivated to change the system

The most motivated to transform and strengthen healthcare quality and access for some of the world’s most vulnerable people are often the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and other health experts who work with patients on a daily basis. These highly talented professionals know and understand best their local contexts and  are driven to increase their impact by taking their practical experience into management and ministry positions. Here they can influence health policies and decision making, for example to drive more effective national vaccination roll outs and clinical care planning and resources.

Ripple effect: improving millions of lives

The one year Master in Public Health and Health Equity at KIT enables these experts to make the move into more influential roles and apply their knowledge for greater and longer term impact. This pivotal year helps health experts to be able to improve and save hundreds of thousands more lives across their communities in countries around the world.

Leaders in global healthcare

KIT Royal Tropical Institute has trained doctors, nurses and other health professionals across the globe to transform international healthcare for sixty years. The KIT Master of Science is accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) and collaborates with the VU University Amsterdam to ensure quality and university standards.

KIT has trained over 5,000 health specialist students through short courses and Master programmes.

Help more health professionals to be trained.

"Studying at KIT helped me to have a critical mind and to think out of the box. I work now for the National Cancer Prevention Centre in Zambia. We have screened close to 200,000 women in the cervical cancer programme… We have also… trained people from eleven other African countries. I could not have succeeded in all that without the training in public health at KIT.”


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