Ways to support students through the KIT Fund

Help health professionals train to change global healthcare systems and improve the lives of millions of people

There are many ways in which you can support health professionals on their mission to improve global health.

Your commitment makes all the difference to midwives, pharmacists, nurses, doctors and other health experts working to improve accessibility and quality of healthcare for communities, regions and countries around the world.  Without scholarships, many of these health professionals are not able to take this next step of studying a Master in Public Health to further develop their knowledge, skills and impact.

You can support students to study in different ways, outlined below. Or donate directly.

For future leaders in health

Thanks to your gift, large or small, we can train health professionals (doctors, nurses and others) from low(er) income countries to become future leaders in health. KIT alumnae often occupy higher positions and can contribute more to health policy at regional and national levels. Your support for one student means better health for many thousands of people.

Your gift for improved global health

Every small or large gift is important for our students. With your gift they can study for a Master’s in Public Health at KIT. If you would like to make a larger gift, please contact Anne Kolstee for more information: 020 – 568 8272 or a.kolstee@kit.nl. Anne can share giving options and more about the impact of your gift to the KIT Fund.