KIT Wins ‘Best Site’ at Automattic Design Awards


On Saturday night (8th December 2018) in Nashville, Tennessee, KIT Royal Tropical Institute’s new website won the Automattic Design Award for ‘Best Site’.

The website has quickly gained international design attention after being launched a few weeks ago.

The organisers of the Automattic Design Awards said that KIT’s website took the top place for, “using WordPress to create experiences that are well thought out, easy to use, and visually compelling.”

Citing the work of designer Peter van Grieken as the leader in his category, the award was based on developers championing design, clarity of use, and, “deep user empathy (which) demonstrates a clear understanding of user needs and context.”

“If a first impression counts, KIT is already a winner,” Automattic Design posted on their blog on the night of the Awards.

“The vibrant colours and overall appearance of the site are very pleasing to the eye. Besides that, the small team of two did a tremendous job incorporating 7 sites into one, without losing the top tasks of the target audience out of sight. All designed and developed in Gutenberg, having inclusive design incorporated in every step, the jury was unanimous about this being the winner in the category ‘Best Site’,” the organisers said.

The jury behind the Award included creative leaders from digital agencies, Google, and leaders of design within the open source WordPress project. The new Head of Design Innovation at Automattic Alexis Lloyd and Automattic’s new Artistic Director Eriko Kawakami were also part of the jury.

The full write-up of the Awards can be found at: