KIT Scholarship Fund

With your contributions KIT Scholarship Fund aims to offer scholarships to students from low income countries to follow Master programs and short courses on Public and International Health at KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) in Amsterdam.

Your support to one student, can mean better health for thousands!

What we do

For 50 years KIT has educated doctors, nurses and other health professionals from around the world to become leaders and experts in international health. We do this by providing training in the field of international and public health. Students from all over the world follow Masters programmes or short courses at KIT and afterwards…

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Student Testimonials

Students from around the world follow KIT training programmes in the field of international and public health. The majority of the students come from developing countries. Health managers, doctors, nurses and paramedics attend courses at KIT so that they can approach health problems in their own country in a multidisciplinary way.

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KIT Scholarship Fund: selected students 2017

September 2017 five students started a Masters programme at KIT with a scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund. They are studying the Master in Public Health or the Master in International Health. This is made possible thanks to donations from our donors.
This year two students received a full scholarship and 3 students received a partial…

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What we need

Students from developing countries almost always rely on scholarships to study at KIT. In recent years a number of scholarship programmes completely stopped, and the amount of scholarships from existing grants programmes was reduced.

To give more students from developing countries the opportunity to participate in KIT Masters Programmes, other sources of funding are needed. Therefore…

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What can you do?

Do you have an affinity with international health? Maybe you studied at KIT yourself, or traveled or worked in the Tropics?

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What can you do as an organisation?

Promoting your company name takes a lot of effort and investment. We offer you an interesting opportunity to become internationally known, and at the same time show your social commitment to your customers, staff and connections. The KIT Scholarship Fund offers you the opportunity to invest in ‘named scholarships’ for health professionals in developing…

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Bank details

Your support to one student can mean better health for thousands!

Thank you very much for your support! For your gift you can choose to make a direct transaction to the bankaccount below, or if you live in the Netherlands you can fill in the incasso form via this link

Below are…

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