KIT Scholarship Fund: selected students 2016

September 2016 three students started a Masters programme at KIT with  a scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund. They are studying the Master in Public Health or the Master in International Health. This is made possible thanks to donations from our donors.
This year’s students all received a partial scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund.
We welcome this new ‘future leaders in health’. And hope that after a year at KIT they can make a difference in the health situation in their country and contribute to improving the health of many people.
These health professionals will be able to study at KIT thanks to the gifts of our donors. Donations were received from Foundation de heer Th.M. den BRINKER en mevrouw J.F. den BRINKER-VISSERS and from other donors that gave preference to anonymity.

Selected students with a scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund

We are proud to introduce you to the selected students of the KIT Scholarship Fund:

Daren Paul Katigbak, the Philippines

philippines Daren Paul Katigbak, Philippines“Since I graduated from college was my dream to pursue a postgraduate study. Education has been a vital part of my career. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in a premier university. I am a registered nurse and midwife by profession. At present, I am working with the Episcopal Commission on Health Care of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). I am the program officer of the entire TB program of the church, concerning 86 dioceses all over the Philippines. I am also the nurse of the HIV Center of the Camillian Fathers, a church-based initiative to help and support people living with HIV that also offers preventive services such as testing and health education.
I chose to study the Master of Public Health/International Course in Health Development (ICHD/MPH) because I want to help my country and my community to have an equal and unbiased access to health services. I believe that the skills I learn at KIT will help me in my advocacy towards access to sexual and reproductive health and rights including HIV-related services in my country. These are my driving forces and my motivations to pursue this master’s programme. Following the MPH/ICHD at KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) will advance my level of knowledge, and learning with people from all over the world will help me to learn new and better methods in addressing public health concerns.

I believe that pursuing this program will be a great help in empowering youth like me in addressing public health concerns and pushing limits to reach equality on rights and health care. I humbly take this opportunity to thank KIT Scholarship Fund and the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) for granting me this scholarship. I look forward to sharing what I learn in my community in my constant effort to help those in need. Changing someone’s life for the better is something to be proud of.
Thank you.”

Daren Paul Katigbak from the Philippines, background in Nursing and Midwifery, studies MPH/ICHD at KIT with a scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund and co-funding NFP, Nuffic.

Abdul Wasay, Afghanistan

mullahzada-abdul“Being from Afghanistan, I have studied Nursing in Pakistan while living as refugee.
Since more than ten years I work with the international humanitarian organization Medicins Sans Frontieres. I worked over five years in Pakistan as national staff , supporting Afghanistan refugees and host population in remote parts of Pakistan. Since 2011I joined the international pool of humanitarian aid workers and since then I have worked in South Sudan, Uzbekistan, Papua New Guinea and Iraq.
My work ranges from nutrition, reproductive health, outbreak response, emergencies, mass vaccinations campaigns, MDR, and drugs sensitive TB program, sexual and reproductive health, communicable and non-communicable disease programs, across the nations, around the developing world, and in developed nations.
My ultimate goal is to work in Aghanistan with the Ministry of Public health. Studying the Master in International health and Netherlands Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from KIT will equip me with both technical and soft skills that I can apply in my daily work as health professional and in any future work and projects. I look forward to apply these skills in the communities that need it.”

Abdul Wasay from Afghanistan, background in Nursing, studies the Master in International Health in 2016-2017 at KIT with support from KIT Scholarship Fund and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Ayodotun Aminu, Nigeria

nigeria_aminu-ayodotun“I am a medical doctor who works with the the Hospitals’ Management Board of Ondo state government in southwest Nigeria. Since my graduation from medical school seventeen years ago I have worked in different clinical positions, as a health manager leading healthcare service delivery, as well as working on the implementation of health programs in rural and semi-urban settings.

In each of these working experiences I realised that in addition to my medical education, I needed to acquire skills in public health, particularly health system policy and management in order to approach my task of healthcare service delivery and program implementation from a broader perspective.
I reached this conclusion because I observed on many occasions that our health system often leaves gaps that make health interventions difficult. I think this is partly due to improper engagement of stakeholders. Consequently efforts aimed at improving health are often met with disappointing outcomes.

Coming to KIT for this Master of Public Health and International Course in Health Development is one right decision I belief I made to launch myself into a realm of new knowledge discovery that will enhance my continuous and better participation in the process of contribution to health development in my home state in particular and Nigeria in general. The contribution of KIT Scholarship Fund to my co-finance scholarship will facilitate my acquisition of these new skills and knowledge.
I look forward to apply these new skills and knowledge in influencing the government of my state and country to evolve health policies that favor universal health coverage and improve the health and well-being of our people.”

Ayodotun Aminuu from Nigeria, background in Medicine, studies MPH/ICHD at KIT with a scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund, co-funding NFP, Nuffic and self funding.

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