What we need

Students from developing countries almost always rely on scholarships to study at KIT. In recent years a number of scholarship programmes completely stopped, and the amount of scholarships from existing grants programmes was reduced.

To give more students from developing countries the opportunity to participate in KIT Masters Programmes, other sources of funding are needed. Therefore we’ve established the KIT Scholarship Fund.

What do we need?

To study a Masters Programme at KIT a student has the following costs:

Tuition: between €14,000 to 16,000 (depending on optional advanced modules)
Visa/residence permit: €600 Euro
Insurance: €463
Travel expenses: €800
A monthly living allowance:  €750 per month (incl. rental accommodation)
Total cost one full scholarship: between €25,000 to 27,000
Total cost one half scholarship (tuition only): from €16,000 to 17,500

Our aim is to offer a growing number of promising students full or half scholarships per year. In five years we want to be able to offer scholarships to 20 students each year.

We are convinced that investing in future leaders and experts in health care helps to improve international health. The financial support given to one student is of benefit to thousands of people.