KIT Scholarship Fund: Selected students 2015

September 2015 three students will start their studies at KIT with scholarships from the Scholarship Fund KIT. During this year they will study the Master in Public Health or the Master in International Health. This is made possible thanks to donations from our donors.
All will study with a partial scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund  and had to provide additional financial resources themselves.
We look forward to meeting this new ‘future leaders in health’. And hope that after a year at KIT they can make a difference in the health situation in their country and contribute to improving the health of many people.
These health professionals will be able to study at KIT thanks to the gifts of our donors. Donations were received from Foundation de heer Th.M. den BRINKER en mevrouw J.F. den BRINKER-VISSERS and from a other donors that gave preference to anonymity.

Selected students with a scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund

We are proud to introduce you to the selected students of the KIT Scholarship Fund:

Chinyama Cheelo, Zambia

Chinyama CheeloI come from Zambia and have studied nursing and midwifery. I have worked in hospitals as nurse in charge and also as Mother and Child health Coordinator with the District Health Management Office. Currently I work at a school of nursing and midwifery as a tutor.

I would like to study the Master in International Health at KIT to help me gain solid and vast knowledge in health issues both in the local and international set up. I hope to learn how health activities are done and how policies are formulated and utilized in various parts of the world.

With the knowledge learned at KIT I look forward to participate in policy formulation and conducting health services pertaining to mothers and children activities in improving the health of the mother and community at large. I have a passion for maternal health and with the challenges affecting the women in child birth and care of their babies and children. I wish to use my knowledge to take part in putting in place health activities that can improve maternal and child health in my country Zambia.

Chinyama Cheelo from Zambia, background in Nursing and Midwifery. She will start the Master in International Health in 2015-2016 with a scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund.

Muhamad Al-Zawawy, Egypt

Photo Muhamad al Zawawy 3

I have been working in the health sector since my graduation from the College of Dentistry. I have started my journey from the Tahrir Square. The place that has changed my life like many other Egyptians. Soon after finishing my internship in late 2010, the Egyptian Revolution broke out. During this I have worked in civil hospitals at Tahrir Square. Its members soon launched the Tahrir Doctor Society. An NGO with the objective of providing emergency response at turbulent places and promoting public health. This experience made me realize the extent to which public health in Egypt required improvements So I started working for AHED, the leading association in health development in Egypt. This motivated me to seek advanced studies in Public Health at a reputable institution to perfect my knowledge in the expertise. So I applied for a master in public health at the distinguished Royal Tropical Institute. This Masters programme will enhance my knowledge and skills in this field and allow me to play a more active role in promoting public health in Egypt.

Muhamad Al-Zawawy from Cairo, Egypt, background in Dentistry. He will start the Master in Public Health in 2015-2016 with a partial scholarship from KIT Scholarship Fund and a scholarship from the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation.

Ruth Kanyiru, Kenya

ruth 2My name is Ruth Kanyiru and I come from Kenya. I have a background in Nursing.
Having worked in hospitals as a nurse I felt a growing interest and desire for helping a large number of people with more emphasis for prevention and primary care rather than tertiary care.
I have worked as coordinator for counseling and testing services in Central province for a period of two years before joining the national level. Here I was tasked in coordinating post exposure prophylaxis in all the government hospitals in the country. In addition I have been working closely with the MARPs (most at risk population) program which deals with HIV control among MSM, community sex workers.

My first introduction to international public health arena came during my volunteer work for polio eradication initiative in (Ethiopia, Ghana and Cameroon) it fascinated me as I saw the range of problems that public health professionals were trying to solve in innovative ways. This one was an eye opener to the issues faced in health care today.

The area I plan to major in is nutrition. The burden of maternal mortality extends far beyond the physical and mental health implications. The prevalence of communicable disease in Kenya is a major factor in determining health outcomes. Maternal and child health are my passion. Hence capacity building of health workers in preventive medicine like nutrition, hand-washing and vaccination will be my main priority. Especially in the arid areas of my country like the rift valley, Nairobi and Eastern provinces where mothers and children are dying due to hunger like in Turkana and Marsabit, while others in the capital are over nourished too.

Ruth Kanyiru from Kenya, background in Nursing. She will start the Master in International Health in 2015-2016 with a scholarship from the KIT Scholarship Fund.


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