What can you do?

Do you have an affinity with international health? Maybe you studied at KIT yourself, or traveled or worked in the Tropics?

Your commitment means a lot to us – and our partners. Your contributions – small and large – give foreign students the opportunity to pursue an education at KIT. This allows them to improve the health situation in their country.

Named scholarship

KIT Scholarship Fund gives you the possibility to connect yourself to a named scholarship. In this way you can link your family or company name to a charitable cause.

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Inheritances and legacies

Would you like to contribute to better health for people from developing countries even after you’re gone? You can, by including the KIT Scholarship Fund in your will.

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Periodic gift

If you’d like to contribute annually to the KIT Scholarship Fund then you can consider a periodic donation with a notarial deed. With a regular donation of at least five years you will benefit from the maximum tax advantage. This way you can give more for less money.

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Normal donation

Your donations large and small contribute to training of health professionals (doctors, nurses and others) from developing countries to become future leaders in health. After a Masters in Public Health and International Health at KIT, alumni often occupy higher positions and can therefore contribute to health policy at the district, regional and national levels….

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What else can you do

Do you participate in the Dam to Dam run? A marathon or bike ride? It’s possible to enjoy this even more by doing it for a good cause. Let yourself be sponsored for the benefit of the KIT Scholarship Fund. This way you can involve friends and family in a cause that you support.

More ideas for…

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ANBI status and taxes

The KIT Scholarship Fund was approved by the Netherlands tax office as a “recognised charitable institution.” (ANBI). If you live in the Netherlands, the advantage of donating to a recognized charitable institution (ANBI) is that you can deduct your gift from you taxable income. In this way the NL tax office helps pay for…

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