ANBI status and taxes

The information below is only applicable for residents of the Netherlands.

The KIT Scholarship Fund was approved by the Netherlands tax office as a “recognised charitable institution.” (ANBI). If you live in the Netherlands, the advantage of donating to a recognized charitable institution (ANBI) is that you can deduct your gift from you taxable income. In this way the NL tax office helps pay for your gift. This tax benefit can amount to half of your gift.

A one-time donation is tax deductible if it is more than 1% and less than 10% of your total year income.

Periodic donations with a notarial deed are for at least 5 years and may be deducted at all times. This also applies if they are less than 1% or over 10% of donations from your total income.

For more information about the exact rules, please visit the website of the Netherlands Tax Service.

If you live outside the Netherlands you may want to verify if there are similar rules in your country regarding gifts and tax advantages.