Inheritances and legacies

Would you like to contribute to better health for people from developing countries even after you’re gone? You can, by including the KIT Scholarship Fund in your will.

For residents of the Netherlands there are the following options:

This is possible in the following ways: it is possible to appoint KIT Scholarship as (co)-heir in your will, or leave a legacy. If you leave your part of your inheritance to the KIT Scholarship Fund, nothing has to be paid in taxes. The KIT Scholarship Fund has been granted by the Netherlands Tax office the status of Charitable Institute (ANBI) and therefore is exempt from inheritance tax.

Your legacy can therefore be fully used to train future leaders in international health and to contribute to better health in developing countries.

More on inheritance

If you name the KIT Scholarship Fund as (co)-heir in your will, it means that after your passing a fixed part (percentage) of the estate will go to the KIT Scholarship Fund.

According to the provisions in your will your property will be divided among the heirs. Once all the rights of others (bequests/legacies, estate expenses and other liabilities) are subtracted from the total inheritance, the heirs receive their inheritance.

Legacy or bequest

It is also possible to leave part of your estate to KIT Scholarship Fund through a legacy. A legacy is a provision in your will that indicates that you leave a set amount of money or a particular asset (such as a house, land, a securities portfolio, etc.) to a person or organisation of your choice. As an example you can leave your inheritance to your family and also assign a legacy of a certain amount to the KIT Scholarship Fund.

Personal advice

Would you like to personally discuss the destination of your assets, learn more about how your gift would be used, or do you have any other questions? Please contact Kim Vandenberghe, email : k.vandenberghe @ or by phone: +31 20 5688411.

Let’s keep in touch

Do you plan to include KIT Scholarship in your will, or have you already done so? If this is the case then we would like to keep you informed of our work, so you can see how your gift will be used. Therefore we would like to ask you to contact us. And thank you for your kindness.