Named scholarship

KIT Scholarship Fund gives you the possibility to connect yourself to a named scholarship. In this way you can link your family or company name to a charitable cause.

By giving a scholarship to a health professional from a developing country, you contribute to capacity building in that country. KIT alumni often occupy higher positions after their studies and can therefore contribute to health policy at the district, regional and national levels. Often they pass on their knowledge to local health professionals by teaching at universities and training institutes. Your support to one student can mean better health for thousands!

In addition, the KIT Scholarship Fund promotes a personal relationship between you and the student. That way you will see the specific destination of your contribution.

Types of Named Scholarships

  • A full scholarship: €27,000. This amount includes tuition fees, visas, accommodation and travel costs.
  • A partial scholarship: Only tuition fees: These vary per study between €16,000 – 18,000 (depending on the choice of advanced modules).

How does a Named Scholarship work?

A Named Scholarship is set up on the basis of a notarial deed and/or agreement with KIT Scholarship Fund.

  • You choose the name of the fund, the amount, destination and duration.
  • You can decide the course of study, country of origin, gender, etc.
  • KIT Scholarship Fund is the manager of the funds in your named scholarship.
  • We decide, together with you and based on your interests, how to best work together.

More information

For more information about Named Scholarships under the KIT Scholarship Fund, please contact Kim Vandenberghe, email: k.vandenberghe @ phone: +31 20 568 841