Normal donation

Your donations large and small contribute to training of health professionals (doctors, nurses and others) from developing countries to become future leaders in health. After a Masters in Public Health and International Health at KIT, alumni often occupy higher positions and can therefore contribute to health policy at the district, regional and national levels. In this way they can contribute to better health for thousands of people. Gifts can be made as from 50€ per year.

Tax information

The information below is only applicable to residents of the Netherlands.

Depending on your annual income, you can deduct a part of your donation from your taxes. Normal donations are only tax deductible if they are between 1% and 10% of your annual income. If you are planning to support KIT Scholarship Fund for a number of years, you may want to consider arranging a periodic donation.

Periodic donations fixed by notarial deed (for at least five years) are always tax deductible and not bound to minimum or maximum amount. For more information about this option follow the link. Your entire donation goes to the KIT Scholarship Fund because charities in the Netherlands do not have to pay gift tax on gifts (ANBI scheme).


Decide on the amount you would like to give (and see the tax advantages for normal and periodic gifts). For this you can use the donation calculator (in Dutch).

To make a donation follow this link to our online form.

If you would prefer to make a direct bank transfer follow this link.