Periodic gift

The  information below is applicable to residents of the Netherlands:

If you’d like to contribute annually to the KIT Scholarship Fund then you can consider a periodic donation. With a periodic donation for at least five years you will benefit from the maximum tax advantage. This way you can give more for less money.

With a periodic donation, an agreement is arranged between KIT Scholarship and yourself.

The tax advantage

Depending on your income, you can recover up to 52% from your donation. Periodic gifts can always be deducted from your taxes, and are not bound to a minimum or maximum amount.

Normal gifts (that are not confirmed by an agreement for five years) must be between 1 % and 10 % of your total income to be tax deductible. But even if you already gave normal gifts it’s possible to contribute with a periodic gift to the KIT Scholarship Fund and deduct it from your taxes.

Also worth noting is that your entire donation goes to the KIT Scholarship Fund because charities do not have to pay gift tax on gifts (ANBI status).

Your support for five years

With a regular gift the KIT Scholarship Fund is assured of your support for a period of at least five years. This gives us financial security and continuity for giving scholarships to talented professionals from developing countries.

Calculation example

You can determine the amount you want to give annually by using the donation calculator (in Dutch).

How do I arrange a periodic gift?

You can send us an e-mail so we can send you the agreement form. If you fill in your details on the form and send it to us along with a copy of a valid ID (passport or driving license) we will also counter sign it and send you a copy for your administration. You can use this document for your tax returns.

More information

For more information about regular or periodic donations by notarial deed, please contact Kim Vandenberghe, e-mail: k.vandenberghe @ phone: +31 (0)20 568 8411