KIT is a not-for-profit knowledge and expertise organisation for international and intercultural cooperation. KIT’s aim is to provide innovative and practical solutions primarily for low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) and international trading chains. Our work encompasses the areas of research, advice and training & education for international organisations, companies, NGOs, governments and students, with specific emphasis on improving healthcare and facilitating sustainable economic, social and organisational change.

The core of KIT is formed by the following units:

  • KIT Sustainable Economic Development & Gender;
  • KIT Health;
  • KIT Intercultural Professionals
  • KIT Hospitality.

Through their activities KIT is able to bring together people and organisations in the Netherlands and around the globe.

International atmosphere

KIT employs people from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Of its 160 employees, one hundred regularly conduct short or long-term missions.

KIT’s monumental building houses a number of other organisations, like Tropenmuseum as well as KIT’s Business Support Unit and KIT Sustainable Economic Development & Gender. KIT Health & KIT Intercultural Professsionals are also located in the building.

Why work at KIT?

KIT is a multi-faceted and international knowledge institute that brings together people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. This diversity creates an inspiring work environment, where staff look beyond their own areas of specialisation to foster collaboration, internally and externally. Our employees are passionate professionals who apply a business mindset in order to achieve idealistic goals. It’s a rare opportunity that KIT staff value highly.

Working conditions

KIT aims to support the personal and professional development of its staff and the achievement of work-life balance. A full-time contract is for 38 hours a week, but the number of contract hours and work schedule vary per person. KIT also supports virtual working for extra flexibility.

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