Working conditions

KIT supports the personal and professional development of its staff and the achievement of work-life balance. A full-time contract is for 40 hours a week, and the number of contract hours and work schedule vary per person. KIT also supports virtual working for extra flexibility.

Salary, leave, holiday pay and pension

Holidays are determined by the number of hours in your employment contract. Full-time employees are entitled to at least 24 days plus additional hours based on age, public holidays and the option to work towards an extra 12 days’ leave annually.

Employee salaries are set out in KIT’s CAO (collective work agreement) based on criteria such as age, experience and knowledge. Employees receive an additional 8% holiday pay on top of their gross monthly salary.

Employees are covered by a pension agreement with the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP).

Development and education

We are committed to investing in the professional and personal development of our employees and provide our employees with ample opportunities to do so.

Travel allowance

Employees receive an allowance for the costs of commuting. The amount reimbursed is based on their door-to-door mileage. Employees who travel by public transport every day are eligible for partial reimbursement of public transportation fees.