Why KIT?

KIT is an international community of professionals who are working to make the world more sustainable. Working alongside international colleagues with diverse and complementary backgrounds, at KIT you have access to a wealth of cultural and scientific knowledge and the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to positive and lasting change. Below are some testimonials from KIT employees on how they view and feel about their work.

KIT’s leadership is guided by a set of values that define our relationship with clients, partners, employees and the community in which we operate. They are Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Independence.

If sustainable development is important to you too, and  you have knowledge or expertise that is relevant to our organisation, we’d like to hear from you.

KIT Sustainable Economic Development - Anna Laven

I’ve been working at KIT now for four years. And yes, I’ve found my niche. Initially I had an appointment for two days a week while I worked on my thesis. I’ve now been promoted and work here four days a week as a senior adviser on sustainable economic development.

Meet Anna Laven

KIT Sustainable Economic Development - Fred Zaal

“‘For me, KIT is the ideal combination of knowledge and practice. At the University of Amsterdam, where I was a teacher and researcher in International Development Studies, theory was important as long as it was linked to the field. During fieldwork, we were able to witness what was really happening ‘on the ground’ in…

Meet Fred Zaal