Launch of ‘Unleashing the Potential of Pastoralism to Develop West Africa’


Today, KIT and SNV are proud to jointly launch ‘Unleashing the potential of pastoralism to develop West Africa’. This book provides a unique perspective and deep understanding of a rapidly changing world, with contributions from both practitioners and academics.

Despite constraints and preconceived ideas, pastoralism will continue to play a substantial role in social and economic development in the West African region as elsewhere, and in regional integration. The innate characteristics of mobility and adaptability mean that pastoralism will remain crucial for resilient livelihoods.

‘Unleashing the potential of pastoralism to develop West Africa’ was a collaborative effort, and is not your traditional study. It presents established as well as new areas of production and consumption, and practically demonstrates the rapid change in pastoral value chains.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the book, and would like to thank all the contributors for their time and dedication to this publication.

Download Potential of Pastoralism